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Watching a movie that takes suspense and thrill to a whole new level is definitely something people are eager to watch. When I watched the movie Survival Knife with Danielle Donahue as the main cast, I was curious as to what this movie can offer. The main character is not someone people are really familiar with, not to mention that this is a small indie film. But the movie is something to look forward to and her acting and the way she portrayed her role is simply effective and superb. Directed by Mike McKown, this movie is a nice film to watch.

The film revolves around the story of Penny who goes against the serial killer with her hunting knife. All of her friends and loved ones died. Out of revenge, she wants to find a way to kill him. The story of the film focuses on the changes in her life after the events. The plot itself is very interesting in a sense that the movie does not just want to give horror and thrill to its audience. It is realistic as it presents the dark side of a person, the fears, the worries and the apprehension which makes the character in the movie stand out.

Before most filmmakers would focus on the unraveling of more mystery and horror, anticipating what the antagonist character would do. But now, it seems like in slasher movies, filmmakers are digging deeper. In this movie, the protagonist survived the attack of the serial killer. She managed to kill her murderer brutally in an effort to escape and to survive.

Survival knife

As she struggles to cope with the death of her friends and loved ones as well as how she killed the murderer, somewhere in the depths of her mind there is a trauma that has awakened the bad side.Being the sole survivor, there is a feeling of guilt and isolation, a mixture of emotions that the audience can personally relate to. The character as she starts with the process of recovery both in the physical and mental sense also beings to experience the real struggle. That same killer instinct that she used to make it through another day and survive has become a looming fear. And that fear is turning her into something she is not.

Over-all, this movie is a good one to watch although it is really not the best one so far in this category. On the other hand, if you are into slasher movies, this is a movie that you might want to see and explore. The movie in itself is not as thrilling like the other movies out there and the story is somewhat predictable. Yet, it presents you a fresh perspective when it comes to these kinds of movies and the acting of the characters are pretty much good.
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