About me

Walter FontaineAs a movie fanatic, I do not deal with specific movie genres. I prefer providing my readers with movie details and reviews from all categories. By dealing with some of the latest and most popular movies, the reader will be able to know about movies before they are even released. This gives them a chance to know which movies to wait for and what to expect from the movies.

Apart from dealing with produced movies, my readers will also be able to benefit from my blogs on film making. From these blogs the reader will be able how to create and write the best movie ever. By ensuring that I watch all the movies that I write about, all my blogs are accurate and true. I tell the reader my views about the movies.

I try as much as possible to be fair by stating the pros and cons of the movie. As a movie fanatic and blogger my main aim is to advice, inform and entertain. I ensure that I provide the reader with all these services to the best of my abilities. As a critic, I check on the best parts of the movie as opposed to the negative areas and provide my honest opinions.

I encourage my readers to communicate and comment, so that I can properly advice and provide what my readers want.