Here are 3 great movie blogs you can start reading today


In the world today, basically everyone is a movie fanatic. With thanks to technology several great movies are being produced. This however does not mean that all the movies produced in the century are ground breaking. Some of them are just a disappointment and lack flow. Furthermore every person has a certain taste when it comes to movies. There are several movie categories for one to choose from. Due to the increase in the number of films being produced, it is at times hard to choose a specific movie. This is why it is at times better to seek help from blogs. Some of the best movie blogs available today are;

Rom com


Standing for romantic comedy, the writer mainly deals with movies in this genre. The best part about the blog is that it is specific to a certain category of movies instead of filing blogs with unnecessary movies that may not interest the reader. She has been able to review in detail several movies from this century.

Cool target


This is the perfect option for action movie fanatics. The action movie critic or blogger has been able to review several movies up to date. He has been reviewing movies since 2007 to date. The best part about the site is that it is user friendly. You will be able to access movies in terms of the year it was released. The homepage is filled with reviews of the latest movies.

The animation anomaly


For those looking for family movies or are just animation fans then this is the site to visit. Just like the other sites the page and movies are formatted in order of the date released. The benefit of the site is the level of honesty and detail in which he describes all the movies. They’re definitely not normal, having this kitchenaid garbage disposal
movies, but they’re always entertaining!

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