3 classic dramas everyone should watch once


No one can get bored by a great drama film. In fact most people in the world today tend to be drama movie fans. When it comes to drama movies, it is all about love, conspiracy, secrets, emotion and some action. The script writer should be able to bring this out and make the viewer feel like part of the movie and relate to the story. Several movies meet this criterion but there are some movies that everyone should make a point of watching at least once if not every week. The dramas movies that you should ensure you watch include;

The Godfather


The simplest and best way to define this movie is calling it the best movie of all times. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, the movie was released in 1972 but still remains the best drama movie ever produced. It has received several awards and nominations over the years. The movie is basically about the mafia and gangsters. The movie clearly shows what goes on in a mafia family and shows all the negativity involved.



Being among the first movies to be produced in the 21st century, it is based on the ancient Rome theme. The movie is about a Roman general who comes back to seek revenge for his family. The best part about the movie or its uniqueness is the fact it was based on real historical personages and happenings.

The Shawshank redemption


Released in 1994, the movie was directed by Frank Darabont. The movie has been rated among the top three best movies produced by several movie sites as well as critics. This is one of the movies that one may want to watch each and every day.

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